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We, at Alen Outsourcing , provide services with a team of dedicated professionals who has wide exposure in all avenues of business process outsourcing.

We at Alen Outsourcing have developed a business platform that ensure increased business operations for our customers through our never found before data entry, data conversion, data scarping and transcription services that touch a wide range industries and various business sectors.

Our wide exposure in the profession made us second to none in the field of application outsourcing; infrastructure outsourcing, business process outsourcing and we transform our clients business into a faster and flexible process.

BPO Outsourcing Service


Entrusting a specific task to a third-party service provider helps a business to save costs on infrastructure and allows it to concentrate more on its specialization.

We, at Alen Outsourcing, provide back office services, front office services , technology oriented services and knowledge based service as well with ‘on shore’, ‘near shore’ and ‘off shore’ outsourcing service facilities to our clients all over the world.

Rather than focussing on a single issue we give services across multiple functions of our customers’ business and we have a proven track record of optimizing client’s utilization of capital and increasing revenue to beat the competition.

Data Entry Service


Every successful business process draws facts from figures; that is make strategic business decisions form the data available. Accumulation of high volume of data is a common issue in most industries and the delay in processing the same brings negative impact on the business.

Our data entry services can convert all your archived information into digital form for further processing with our most sophisticated software and data entry process along with stage wise stringent quality checks providing absolute accuracy.

The services includes all aspects form document scanning to advanced data capturing and we can create industry specific database by customized coding and indexing and is able to review documents.

Xml & Html Conversion Services


HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is a widely used document in the internet. It is designed for making web pages. By using advanced technologies our HTML conversion team converts unstructured data into a structured HTML format recognizing file structure, headings and layout etc besides converting images and special effects into HTML format.

XML or Extensive Mark-up Language is in fact a cross-platform web-publishing format for displaying and storing information on the internet. We at Alen use latest analysis and transformation tools for providing cost effective XML conversion services and are able to convert documents from Text, PDF, Word, HTML, Excel etc to XML formats with great accuracy.

Global Transcription Services

Transcription services require specialized knowledge. Serious care and attention are also to be paid as each and every transcription job differs from one another. A transcription is also not complete with finishing of typing; it requires serious quality checks so that the customer receives absolutely accurate material.

Services provided by us are


Our global transcription services involve no set up costs and can be available anywhere in any time zone. We use latest SSL encryption technology to keep your works safe.