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Various Types of Transcription Services


What is Transcription?

Transcription is a process of converting a live or recorded speech into written or electronic document. Earlier Transcription is not an easy job as the personnel had to write down the speech as they heard by using skills like shorthand. But with the advanced technology, people can transcribe anything very rapidly. For example- Dictaphone recorded mp3 can be uploaded to the computer and emailed anywhere within few minutes. Many transcriptions software are used for transcription process.

Transcription services: -

A transcription service is a business to convert spoken language into a written or electronic document. The professional are by the company those who are able to convert the speeches into textual document irrespective to the clarity of the language. The live transcription is much tougher and less accurate than the offline transcription as in offline there is recorded file which can be heard again and again but in live there is no option for repetitions. General Transcription includes transcribing lectures, speeches, official meetings, seminars, presentations, speeches into textual format. Transcription can be provided in two way viz dictation typing in which only one person is dictating and another way is interview in which more than two people are involved.

Legal Transcription

Two most common transcription services are legal transcription services in which the court hearing, criminal trial is transcribed by the court reporter to keep written record or books for the law students for study. These documents are very important not only for the court but also for the criminal and victim if they want to file the case in higher court. The legal books help the law student or fresh lawyers I their studying or practices respectively.

Medical Transcription

Another common type of transcription is medical transcription services which includes the conversion of physician’s or other health professionals recorded voice notes into a text documents letters for the patients. Medical report is very important for the patient as well as for doctors also as report help to keep record of the patient’s health which help the doctor to prescribe further treatment. Medical stenographers are hired to create patient’s medical report as dictated by the medical professionals and also keep the files up to date.

Inventory Transcription

One of the best examples of dictation transcription is the inventory transcription services in which a digitally recorded dictation is prepared in well structured reports with accurate and efficient data. Inventory is also known as stock compilation and an essential for any process; it should be concise, and flexible in accordance to the process.

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