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Data Entry

In the present business scenario effective and accurate data entry plays a vital role to draw strategic conclusions on business trends and also help taking wise business solution considering the needs.

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At Alen Outsourcing your data entry services are 100% secure and safe. You can also easily rely on our experience and capacity to offer you both online and off line bespoke data entry services for many business functions and verticals whether you own a large business or a small one.

Our business development and business analyst always take special care of pricing with a prediction of turn around hours for all projects of our customers.

We also make every effort to offer our customers affordable data entry services that comes within the budget provisions to take care of the business requirements in a unique manner ensuring to get quality returns for the money spent.

The international data entry services offered by us is not confined to typing data but has wide scope of back office processing and data interpretation but offer customized data conversion solutions to our customers. Our data conversion and data entry services use English and Scripts based on English alphabet. We are closely working with overseas clients providing quality and cost effective services to their entire satisfaction.

We accept all types of data entry outsourcing jobs collecting data from any format like hand written notes, scanned images, typed copies and also from online sources even either manually or applying automatic data capturing and can offer customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our data entry services in USA & UK are the most trusted and reliable network system that provide service to our customers in California ,New York, New Jersey , San Diego, Los Angeles CA and other states of US and the entire United Kingdom. Our services cover data conversion, web research, scanning etc to provide most accurate output.

Online Data Entry Services

online-data-entryIn every business records are kept at many stages in various formats for different functions and these lead to data accumulation over the time.

In order to take the right business decision it is absolutely important that these data be processed.

For online data entry services the data entry operator access the organization’s infrastructure and work directly on it.

These services offer many features like

  • Data entry for product catalogs
  • Data entry from both hard and soft copies
  • PDF document indexing
  • Generation of new databases and updating of existing one
  • Online data capture services

We employ dual verification process to ensure that the data is precise and complete. Our services are so designed that it ensures absolute security and confidentiality for our customers. We also have the flexibility and capacity to quickly increase manpower to suit any urgent project demand.

Offline Data Entry Services

offline-data-entryOffline data entry services offered by us is most befitting for volume data projects with a specific out format and where quick access to the information is not essential. Our services can provide you the most accurate results with minimum turn around time.

Our Specialized Services Feature:

  • Data Entry for Books, Catalogs and Labels
  • Data Entry from handwritten scripts
  • Data Capture and data entry from filing
  • Data Entry from Scanned Images
  • Can enter data into customized application
  • Entering and indexing in Any Format
  • Offline Database Entry

We have strict privacy policy and adhere to the rules while processing raw data of our clients and complete projects encrypted within the stipulated time frame.

What is Data Cleansing?

Data stored online sometimes get corrupted in storage or in transmission. Inconsistency of data may also entail due to many reasons like errors in entry, providing incomplete information. Data cleansing aims to alter the data available in a specified storage to ensure that these are relevant and accurate.

There are number of processes for data cleansing in various software and data storage. While most of the cleansing process involves correcting the data entry errors directly or concentrating on careful review of data with a data set validated beforehand, some of the cleansing process involve harmonization and standardization of data.Check-processing

Data Cleansing Services

Data being the intellectual property of any organization, it needs due care and servicing periodically to keep in good order for drawing strategic business solutions.

We at Alen are a team of data geeks and are addicted to data cleansing services. Services provided by us include migration, rebuilding, merging, removing duplications, standardization etc as part of the cleaning process.

Our cleansing services are able to remove all inconsistencies and scrub data in such a way that you get uniform information across the business. These are also effective for correcting customer information and have the following advantages.

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase response
  • Ensure compliance
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Improve accuracy

Check Processing Services

Check-processingDespite the present explosion of using cards, check payment still make a large number of transactions. Check processing services options help to transform acceptance of checks into risk free electronic payment using the latest technologies.

We at Alen stand out from others in many ways including equipment compatibility, premium programs and fewer declines.

Besides various methods of accepting check payments, merchants need protection facilities to verify, truncate or convert or guarantee transactions. Our processing solutions customize the processing program to make seamless acceptance of the transactions and assure the businessmen about funds availability and guaranteed protection.

When you use our processing services it works as below:

  • First you scan the check
  • Then we verify and authorize the transaction
  • Next the POS terminal is settled and funds are electronically deposited into your bank account
  • Guaranteeing of the funds is also possible.

Our check processing solutions help business houses to increase sales and save time and money eliminating risk.

Form Processing Services

form-processingInformation available as hard copies on paper is of no use till that is converted into digital format and processed. Forms processing services ultimately assist the businessmen to take decision through collection of information from the raw data available from forms, scanned images, faxes and update the same on a range of outputs.

At Alen Outsourcing we have professionals to process surveys, forms and questionnaires from broth structured and non-structured version that helps accelerate your business.

Once we receive the inputs transmitted electronically, we download the same for processing. The data is then uploaded into the customized software and depending upon the needs of the customers’ databases are created adding desired fields. Verification is done before dispatching the same.

We can also help towards elimination of human errors through automatic collection of data from various fields of entry and safely storing it in electronic media to access from multiple locations.

By employing our services you can expect

  • Expedient delivery schedule.
  • Back up of skilled and dedicated workforce.
  • Absolute accuracy and quality.
  • Secure uploading, collection and collation of data.
  • Best in the line output
  • Savings on time, money and data storage space
  • Cost effective services
  • Customized modules to suit specific requirements.
  • Excellent customer support services

Resume Processing

Resume processingWhen a position is defined and job description is created and the requirement circulates widely; resumes start showering in continuously. As the inflow of resumes increases, you are more likely to get the best man for hiring. But here the hedache starts. Screening of resume is a really challenging job as it is quite likely that a best fit candidate may have slipped out.

At Alen Outsourcing, we have created a resume processing system that improves the probability of including the most suited candidates for interview.

Our advanced processing system integrates seamlessly with the customer’s recruiting database to manage the deluge of information. Each of the resumes is screened electronically, checked for duplication and indexed into a separate database record for finding qualified candidates instantly.

Processing system employed by us is compatible with various formats and allows loading thousands of resumes into the database in no time.

We provide

  • Least turnaround hours
  • Best-in-class quality
  • 24 x 7 service
  • Data integrity
  • Security and confidentiality