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  • Medical Coding Services

    medical-coding-servicesRealization of appropriate payment poses real challenge and is getting tough every day. Medical coding helps professionals to maintain the financial aspects of their practice.

    We, at Alen Outsourcing, with our expertise and infrastructure provide medical coding services that ensure healthcare providers optimize revenue thus increasing the cash flow reducing administrative cost and minimizing risks at the same time.

    We are able to do comprehensive hospital and physician coding with coding of backlog support and denial audit support

    Our medical coding solution has the following features:

    • HIPAA compliance

    • Certified coding teams

    • Providing online access to records

    • Least TAT

    • Unique workflow software

    • Guaranteed accuracy

    • Cost effective

  • Voice Processing Service

    voice-processing-services Voice processing establishes voice communication, between individuals or groups for transacting business anywhere and anytime.

    Voice processing is generally script based services involving general business functions such as marketing or sales such as lead generation, appointment setting and also associated with market research function, surveys etc.
    The cost effective voice processing services we offer, at Alen Outsourcing, includes the following service options.

    • Outbound Voice Services include Prospecting Services & Promoting new services

    • Inbound Voice Services include providing Technical Support-Help desk, billing queries, refund requests, sales and order fulfillment, sales support, customer retention & Product Information Requests

    • Market Research And Surveys including Data Capturing and Data Analysis services

  • Telemarketing Services

    Telemarketing-Services Telemarketing takes the help of either telephone or webs to contact and convince the potential customers to buy a product or services over phone or thorough web conferencing.
    At Alen Outsourcing we offer telemarketing services that has the following features.

    • Lead management including lead generation services

    • Decision Maker Contacts with appointment setting

    • Debt Collection with database and market intelligent services

    • Market survey and product promotion

    • Increase in sales and business development.

    • Up sell and cross sell campaigns with direct mail follow up services

    Our experienced team of telemarketing service providers understands the products, services and the operating environment they are campaigning and can provide you custom designed and cost effective solutions

    • To access customers all over the world with telemarketing

    • To do surveys for finding out customers loyalty for the product or service

    • To easily market products or services to the existing and potential customers

    • Also provide customers with secure view-in and listen-in options ensuring transparency.

  • CCTV Monitoring Services

    CCTV-CameraClose Circuit Television or CCTV helps to keep watches on round the clock without the help of a traditional guard. Close circuit camera can spot any case intrusion to your premises and raise alarm. These are the best choices for real life situations with high risk.

    We at Alen Outsourcing can offer you cost effective CCTV monitoring services with our trained professionals with the following features:

    • Analog to IP based long range cameras for imaging

    • Night vision surveillance facilities

    • Long storage video servers

    • Remote video management

    • IP enabled DVRs with varying recording speeds

    Our operators can view images from different angles with the help of multiple cameras following alarm activation identifying the true cause and acting accordingly.

  • DTP Services

    DTP-ServiceDesktop Publication or DTP helps to convert various documents and images in standard formats before publishing.

    At Alen Outsourcing we have put together a team of experienced professionals to deliver you core DTP services that include

    • Formatting of Text

    • Typesetting and Desktop publishing

    • Designing of layouts

    • Editing facilities

    Our unique DTP solutions can be used for creation of magazines, brochures, newsletters, catalogues; reports etc. and have the following key features.

    • Use of XML and HTML markup languages and Acrobat PDF online document format

    • Excellent page formatting facilities

    • Editing of graphics and screen shots before publishing

    • Layout consistency across multiple language

    • Cost effective solution designed to meet customers special needs

  • 3D Visualization Services

    3D-Visualization-ServicesBy using 3D Visualization process you can obtain a computer image from data and can also render screen images into 3D models that can be viewed from many angles.

    Alen Outsourcing has qualified and experienced designers who can offer stunning quality 3D visualization services. We also have dedicated rendering arrangement for faster production.

    Our services cover a broad range of multimedia services like

    • 3D development

    • CAD modeling

    • Film and video production

    • 3D illustrations

    • Photos

    • 3D animation

    • Customized presentations

    We are able to generate powerful and effective computer generated images by constantly new technologies and software to maximize efficiency and reducing cost as well.

    Combining excellent illustration and engineering skills we are able to create 3D visualization solutions that reflect the client's technological needs across all marketing platforms.

  • Image Editing Services


    Alen Outsourcing can offer you cost effective image editing services to the clients in various media options.

    We have the capacity to address all editing issues meeting complex editing requirements successfully with ease however complex the situation might be.

    You can outsource your image editing requirements to our highly skilled professional editors at who are well conversant with the nuances of image restoration and editing and always meet the customer deadlines.

    Our expertise helps us to create art through editing images discarding loud backdrops and reorganizing color and contrast. Using photographs taken from different angles and applying editing options we can also transform an image into a piece of art to meet special needs of our clients.

  • Mail Service Online


    Emails are now the life line of online marketing. These are sent to existing or potential customers with a purpose to renew or build relation and also to evoke customer's action.

    The mail service online options we offer can provide you professional email domain and also personalize your address by choosing from over 200 domains through scalable and cost effective solutions.

    We, at Alen Outsourcing can assist you to create mails, newsletters, personalized envelope with customized stamps for any occasion you name.

    We can also provide simple and affordable mail service solutions creating marketing campaign to grow your business.

    Simply choose your routes and we do the rest at affordable cost!

  • Virtual Staffing Services


    Now a days people prefer to work from homes and the numbers are steadily growing. Like all other professions finding the right people to work for is really challenging.

    We provide virtual staffing solutions for administration, accounts, IT, sales & marketing and can also meet your requirements.

    We have the best talent pool with background verifications to offer you cost effective hassle free solutions and you can have access to your virtual team as and when you need.