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Web Scrapping

Information is the most precious property in the business world and the internet is an unlimited source of information. Web pages are built using HTML or XHTML and contain a plethora of useful information in text form.


Most of the businesses want to draw various information on specification, pricing, market trends and regulatory compulsions for smooth functioning. As this involves a long drawn and error prone manual process attempt was made to do this automatically. The problem is that the web sites are designed for human use only and therefore APIs are created to extract data form a web site. Moreover, there are occasions in business environment when no mechanism for interchange of data is available. In such cases scraping technology is used as the last intelligent resort to extract information.

In web scraping the HTML of a Web page is processed to convert it to another format like HTML to WML. The scraping scripts can request a web page like browser and when received can extract specific information from the same.

We at Alen Outsourcing provide outstanding web scrapping solutions as a part of our data service platform by extracting the data needed from websites in fast and simple ways with the following services.

Our Web data scraping is a technique by which a computer program can extract data from outputs coming from another program. Normally this is achieved using data structures suitable for automatic processing by computers in rigidly structured formats and protocols.

The advance pattern matching technology employed by us can identify all the data in a pattern from similar looking pages and the drag and drop action option can automatically extract, organize and manage the same. It can also crawl and extract data from multiple pages.

Our web scraping services India have skills to extract data from the sites that blocks the IP, requires username login, java script etc and even if the site requires Captcha verification. We also ensure our customers with data of absolute accuracy.

Our data scraping services also updates the data by assimilating the latest updates from relevant websites and have the facility to run the extraction process on our servers and deliver the final output to the clients for ongoing projects. It is also cost effective and can provide custom designed solutions to specific requirements of the client.

We have a confidentiality policy and no information is ever disclosed to any third party without the prior consent of the client.

Data Mining


Most of the business houses have large, heterogeneous, complex and distributed information that can be called big data. Accumulation of data only helps when you know how to use that. In general data mining is a process of analyzing data and summarizing the same into useful business information for cost reduction, increasing revenue and so on.

The data mining software views the data from different angles and finds correlation or patterns amongst the various fields to arrive at conclusion. It is in fact a series of processes including collection and accumulation of data, modeling the same and exploring new information as part of the solution providing process.

If you have a large amount of raw data and no time to treat, our data mining services can help. Since the process involves huge investment and a time consuming one, outsourcing makes sense.
We at Alen Outsourcing has an intimate mixture of tools, technology and expertise for creating sophisticated data mining solutions not found in other sources. Our unique approach to monitor and optimal use of data warehouse and the policy to work with the client at every phase made possible to stay ahead of competition.

We offer one stop solution to all your and data mining needs to make smarter business choices. We also help our clients to launch in house data mining project as a part of our development program.

Our data mining solutions have the following advantages

  • Can solve new problems with predictive and inferential analysis
  • Optimize the data mining environment using in-data-base technologies
  • Increase return on investment
  • Able to build data mining expertise within the organization

Our Services include:

  • Classification of data into predefined groups
  • Examining how different variables are related
  • Data Retrieval & Profiling
  • Data Extraction and Harvesting
  • Data Analytics
  • Knowledge and performance management
  • Web Scraping and data transformation

Our data mining services India operations follow standard practices of classification and regression. Our team has in depth knowledge and we approach each project as a unique venture. Our data mining team works in any time zone and can delivers results directly on your online data base or can send as a spreadsheet.